INGEME Creamos soluciones idóneas para sus problemas concretos creamos soluciones innovadoras para necesidades específicas
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INGEME has looked for the specialization in order to offer to its clients the best service in every single area where it works.

By means of this specialization, INGEME has got an excellent position and can offer a better service in:
  • High precision “In-Situ” machining
  • Assembly, revision and maintenance of all kinds of revolving equipments.
  • Reparation and maintenance of any contact surface
  • “ In-Situ“ and in normal operation
  • Revision, reparation and maintenance of all kinds of valves. Sealing and certificate of calibration of security valves
INGEME designs any automation and robotization processing in industrial processes or assembly lines, as well as it projects and directs medium and high boiler works. Everything is done under the charge of the staff of the engineering and with the best purchase management.

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