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  • The Company
  • Ingeniería Mediterránea Medioambiental (INGEME), is a company made up of a group of professionals, with more than thirty years experience.
  • Clean Energies
  • We develop a department in the environmental field and focused on the study and development of new renewable and clean energies.
  • Iron and Steel Industry, Metallurgy and Industry
  • We design any automation and robotisation processing in industrial processes or assembly lines, as well as we project and direct medium and high boilers works.
  • Consultancy
  • Ingeme has reinforced its environmental area in such a way that currently it is prepared to advise its customers in all the fields we work in.
  • Civil Works
  • Ingeme takes the responsibility, jointly with the technician in charge, of the direction of work of all those projects that need some type of civil works.
  • Hydraulic Energy
  • Our strongest point is to carry out projects for the restoration of small hydraulic power plants, in order to produce electrical power and later sell this energy to the company of the area of location.
  • Contact
  • For any doubt, suggestion or to contact Ingeme for any project.
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