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One of the strongest points of INGEME is the carrying out of projects for the restoration of small hydraulic power plants, in order to produce electrical power and later sell this energy to the company of the area of location.

In this kind of projects, all the restoration of the already existing machines in the Plant is carried out without modifying the original design and leaving the machine exactly the same as it had been designed in the beginning.

All the mechanisms of the machine that have traditionally been done manually are automated by installing a hydraulic and electronic control.

In this way, the Plant can be operated remotely through a PLC by means of a modem.

The total automation of the installation permits to shorten substantially the depreciation period of the investment made for the restoration of the plant.

For all that, INGEME has got highly qualified technicians with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, which permits to realise those turnkey projects, with all the guarantees of success and with a high level of quality.

Besides, INGEME manages and supervises all those reparations to be done in the turbine (for example “In-Situ ” mechanizations, blasting, painting, recharges…) under its strict quality parameters and following its own processes. A quality system, which is currently at a phase of implantation, previous to the certifications ISO 9001:2000 by BVQI.

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The professional life of the technicians of INGEME (Ingeniería Mediterránea Medioambiental), started with the rehabilitation, restoration, maintenance and installation of new equipments in the field of electricity generation from waterfalls.

Nowadays, INGEME is, without any doubt, specialist in the design and execution of works in this type of projects. The satisfaction of our clients and more than thirty years of experience in the sector guarantee this affirmation.

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