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INGEME develops a department in the environmental area, focused on the study and development of new energies that are renewable and clean. At this moment, INGEME can offer optimum solutions for the generation of clean energies by minimizing, regenerating or eliminating highly pollutant waste.

The options developed by INGEME are:

  •  Hydraulic power plants

      1. Based on the generation of electric power from waterfalls. INGEME has a wide experience of more than 30 years in this sector by working directly on this type of machines. INGEME designs, directs, and executes all the steps to be followed in the maintenance, the reparation, the overhaul and the installation of new equipments.

  •  Tyre recycling

      1. Based on the depolymerization of tyres out of use (NFU) by microwaves.

  •  Generation of Electricity from Combined Cycles with Biomass

      1. Based on the pulverizing of biomass and its burning process in a boiler to produce electricity by means of a steam turbine.

  •  Production of biodiesel

      1. Based on the transformation of waste domestic oils into biodiesel, by a chemical reaction. Elimination of the waste generating only biofuel, alternative to the diesel oil and raw material for other sectors such as the pharmaceutical one.

  •  Production of bioethanol

      1. Based on the transformation of the vegetable organic matter, by a fermentation process, into bioethanol. Transformation of the waste into biofuel and into high quality organic fertilizer.

  •  Production of biogas

      1. Based on the generation of electric power from the decomposition of any type of organic waste. The waste itself is a high quality fertilizer.

Other fields in which INGEME can also offer advice are the photovoltaic and wind power.

In every case, we study the best options, we prepare the project, we evaluate the economic suitability of the installation, financing, aids from the European community, aids from the state and execute the installation using the method chosen by the client (turnkey installation).

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