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INGEME has enlarged, developed and reinforced its environmental consulting area to be able to give advice to its current and future customers in a more extensive and focused way, and with a more personalized and better defined treatment.

By means of our technological and personal status we can offer our customers the best advice in fields with such a social importance, a full expansion and profitability in the short and medium term as varied as:

  • Economic and Technical Feasibility of Hydraulic Projects
  • Management and Studies of Renewable Energies
  • Studies of Productive Processes
  • Feasibility of Logistics and Locations
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Management of Subsidies from the state and the European Community
  • Administrative Technical Procedure in Civil Services (Building Permits, Activity Licence…)
  • Waste Management and Removal
  • Minimization of Waste
Our team is prepared to find the best solution to the doubts and problems, not only those of yours, but also those of the environment.

In case of doubt or clarification, please contact our Technical Department in Ingeme.

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